Inpatient Surgical Services

All of the inpatient services below also provide outpatient assessment and follow up to support your complete package of care.

Orthopaedic Surgery

We have three Orthopaedic surgeons operating at Selina Sutherland providing treatment under ACC, Southern Cross affiliated provider for first time hip and knee replacements and carpal tunnel releases, and all private insurance companies as well as privately funded surgery.


We currently have two visiting eye specialists from Wellington able to perform surgery here in the Wairarapa and provide cataract surgery and insertion of lenses as a Southern Cross affiliated provider.

Mr Maslin operates an all day outpatient clinic every month plus cataract surgery once a month. Appointments can be made through the Terrace Eye Centre


Consultant obstetrician/gynaecologists provides our surgical services here at Selina Sutherland with support from our contracted sonography service Waiscan.

Outpatient Consultations and tests

Consultant Physician – Dr Tim Matthews offers private consultations for a range of medical problems and physical assessments.

Vascular consultations and minor surgery

Consultant Surgeon – Mr Richard Evans

Provides monthly consultations and minor vascular surgery at Selina Sutherland Hospital. Appointments can be arranged directly through Richard Evans Vascular

Minor Surgery - Dr Cath Becker

  • skin checks for cancerous and precancerous lesions
  • mole removal  under local anaesthetic plus skin grafts and flaps.
  • vasectomy clinic

Southern Cross Affiliated Provider
Enquiries can be made here
To book an appointment telephone Angela 0212521098

The Snip Clinic - Dr Simon Snook

  • Vasectomies

Simon also performs circumcisions under local anaesthetic.

Southern Cross affiliated provider
Enquiries can be made here
Snip website can be viewed here
Telephone 0800 304 729


Waiscan is a private ultrasound clinic offering a wide range of ultra sound examinations. Ultra sound images are acquired digitally and your report can be provided to your GP via email the following day. We can also provide our obstetric patients with a copy of their babies images if a USB stick is provided. For a small gold coin donation we can print out a picture on the day with all proceeds going towards the local work performed by the charity SANDS.

Range of Obstetric/pregnancy scans

Sonographer-Heather Armstrong

Diagnostic scans for

  • Vascular
  • Screening studies (vascular, pelvic, breast)

Small part ultrasound

  • Thyroid
  • Lumps and bumps
  • Salivary gland/neck

General Ultrasound

  • Abdomen
  • Vaginal
  • Renal
  • hernias

Enquiries about the services provided can be made here or to book a scan telephone 06 377 0277

Molemap NZ

Mole Map NZ uses the facilities at Selina Sutherland to provide mole map services to the local community. With clinics once per month a booking can be made here or phone 0800 MOLEMAP (0800665362)